Bleckley County FFA

Ag Mechanics

Written By: Dr. Parks

Technological advances in American Agriculture continue to influence the way students must prepare for their futures.  Students entering the workforce need a strong knowledge base and the ability to comprehend processes common to agricultural mechanics.  Employers want productive workers and managers that can access and use a broad range of information.  The most sought after employees are those who communicate effectively, continue to stay current with modern technology, and work successfully as individuals and as team members.  Students with these skills and abilities are more competitive in the job market, receive financial rewards, and are selected for advancement.

The Ag Mechanics CDE team may consist of three or four members.  Each team member will compete in areas of welding, electrical wiring, and small engines.  Problem Solving and skills will also be a part of each area.  There will be a team activity that may utilize computer and/or GPS technology in addition to other tools/devices associated with the National Ag Mechanics CDE technical areas.  There will be a fifty question multiple choice test.  Questions may be drawn from any of the six Ag Mechanics areas recognized on the National Ag Mechanics CDE. Web Hosting
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