Bleckley County FFA

Land Judging

Written By: Dr. Parks

The Land judging CDE (Career Development Event) is a contest that tests a student’s ability to determine the capability of soils to produce agricultural crops and what management practices need to be in place in order to prevent the loss of soil.


Student determining soil texture

The specific objectives of the FFA land judging contest are to:

  1. Teach students the practical application of the Soil Conservation Service soil classification system and related land management practices.
  2. Motivate students to learn soil and water management through competition and hands-on application.
  3. Teach team work though local, district, state and national land judging team competitions.
  4. Teach decision making skills through the analysis and synthesis of soil characteristics and the application of land management techniques.
  5. Teach students about the environmental impact of agriculture and the importance of conserving soil and water resources. Web Hosting
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