Bleckley County FFA

Wildlife Management

Written By: Dr. Parks

The Wildlife Management Career Development Event is an activity that provides opportunities for FFA members to demonstrate their technical and management skills relating to wildlife, habitat, and harvesting regulations. The purpose of the Wildlife Management CDE is to stimulate student interest and to promote wildlife management instruction in the agricultural education curriculum, and to provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of instruction in wildlife management, forestry and natural resource management. Teams are made up of four individuals with each individual completing a practicum in an area of wildlife management. On student completes a Whitetail Deer Management practicum which includes a keep/cull activity, jawbone aging, antler scoring and general whitetail deer management questions. Another student completes the Game Bird Biology practicum which includes call identification and a general knowledge test of game birds.  A third student has to identify fifty items from a list that includes wildlife animal species, plant species, and equipment used in wildlife management. A final student completes an Aquatic Management activity, where he/she has to identify aquatic equipment, plants, fish and other species that live in and around ponds, lakes and rivers. In addition the the individual practicums, all team members complete a team activity where they have to detail tasks normally performed in some phase of the wildlife industry requiring teamwork to complete the objectives. Web Hosting
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